Frequently Asked Questions

What can you read?

Basically, you can read ANY book that is part of a series, as long as you complete the series in 2020. Here is some extra information:

  • You can read any genre and/or format:  paperback, hardcover, ARC, ebook, audiobook, novella, manga, graphic novel and comic book
  • Books published in 2020 are a go, as well as ARCs for 2021
  • If a series is not completed, or will not be completed in 2020, you cannot add it to the challenge (unless you have an ARC of the last book) but you can read it for the readathons (more on that later)
  • It doesn’t matter how many books you have left in the series, it can be only one or the whole series
  • *Please make sure a series is finished if you add it to your TBR* (if a series gets more books and is expanded in 2020 that is okay)
How to join
  • Simply declare your intention to join in your blog or social media and send it to us via link, message or mention (@seriestofinish). Then YOU’RE IN!
  • Once we see that, we will add you to the list of participants (which is why we need you to tell us you have joined)
  • Having a blog is not required, but we do recommend having a platform to connect with other readers, that’s why we’ll include as many of your social media as you want us to
  • You can follow other participants and their progress using the hashtag #SeriesTF2020
  • We want to reiterate that everything other than letting us know you have joined us is voluntary
  • You do not need to publish a TBR in order to join the challenge
    • But if you do, please share it with us so we can add it to our lists
  • You can update, edit and remove books from your TBR as you see fit
  • We’ll try to inform people that are reading the same series so you can discuss them if you’d like
  • We also created a spreadsheet where you can add your series and TBR:
    • The purposes for this are to both organize your reads and have a visual as well as finding others that are reading the same series, so it is easier for you to discuss those books or even put together a buddy read, but you can also use it as inspiration to add more series
  • Last year we integrated readathons to the challenge and it worked really well so we decided to keep them
  • Readathons are optional and you don’t have to participate in the yearly challenge to join in
  • We do them once a month and they last a week (we decide when through a poll here)
  • You can read ANY book that is part of a series even if the series will not be completed in 2020
Extra Challenges: Point System
  • Get points while reading books from a series
    • +1 for book completed (as long as it’s part of a series)
      • 0.5 on novellas (except bind-ups, they still get +1)
    • +1 for starting a series
    • +1 for finishing a series
    • +1 for buddy reading
    • +1 for every 100 pages from a book
      • Graphic novels, comics and manga it’s a point every 200
  • Learn more about this here.
Extra motivation: Buddy reads
  • We have taken a look at what you all want to read and we will be suggesting buddy reads base on those common books and sequels that are coming out
  • Buddy reads will be announced here on the blog but also updated on the Goodreads group
  • More info here

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