What’s Series to Finish?

It’s a challenge in which we aim to complete series; it does not matter if you only have one book left or ten, the important thing is to finish them in 2020. Similarly, the amount of series you’re aiming to finish is not important; we’d like this challenge to be as chill as possible so as long as you try to read and complete more series, you’re already a winner!

The challenge will run from January 1st to December 31st and you can join at any point. ARCs do count for the challenge, as well as books published in 2020. You can also include comic books graphic novels and manga. Again, the only rule is to complete the series in 2020.

We created Series To Finish back in 2017 as a personal challenge and an excuse to read more series but decided to open it the following year so we could help others do the same. In 2019 the two of us came together and added the monthly readathons to make it easier for everyone to meet our goals.

Extra challenges

We are trying to make the yearly challenge more fun and dynamic for participants, so in 2020 we will be adding some extra (and optional) little challenges to go alongside the main one:

Head to our FAQ to know more details about the challenge.

Who Are We?


I bless the day I found the bookish community, since I could never find any readers where I live. Also tough when you’re extremely shy, but the book community has been super welcoming and I am so glad I decided to join. I love talking about things I am passionate about and besides books, that mainly includes TV, movies and superheroes. I watch a lot of TV; some favourites include The Good Place, Sherlock and Parks and Recreation. One fact about me is that I enjoy making lists and appreciate organization, which led me to create this challenge. 


I’m a 21 year old from the United Kingdom.  I like to play video games like the sims, watch YouTube and read. I also like to watch tv, mainly period dramas (Downtown Abbey, Victoria) or fantasy/sci-fi shows (Shadowhunters, The 100). My favourite place to read is in my bed or on the sofa in the conservatory with the dog Bailey. It really depends on what time of day it is. I loved finding the book community as i feel that ive made many more friends and actually grown in confidence to talk to different people and actually have people around me that are interested in what im interested in, Ive definitely found some friends for life here in the book community and cant wait to make more. When Anna asked if i wanted to help here with this i was so pleased and jumped at the chance. I feel we work well together

  • Twitter is where most of the action happens, since it’s the most popular platform (or so we’ve seen these years). We organize reading sprints there, especially during our readathons and on the weekends
  • Goodreads is where most readers organize their books so we have a group there. People add their TBRs and there’s also a section for the readathons. We like to make it easier for readers so there are also threads where people can post what they plan to read soon (and maybe find people to discuss those books with) or directly ask for buddy reads.
    • We’ll be opening our 2020 shelf very soon
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