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January 2020 Readathon wrap up

We’ve reached the end of January’s readathon! Good job everyone, I hope you all had a fun week and managed to tackle some reading!

I would like to thank everyone who joined in with the sprints that we hosted over the week and sincerely apologise to those of you I missed. If we miss your tweet feel free to sent us a message cause sometime our notifications mess around.

We can’t wait to see your wrap ups of what you read over the week, so make sure to tag us in them or use the hashtag #SeriesTF2020. Here are the ones you’ve send us:


Just a reminder

Only series that are completely completed, meaning no more books are set to be released in the future count towards the overall challenge. This means series like the Wayward Children (it’s just been released that more books are coming) can not be in your TBRs. That doesn’t mean you can’t read them in the readathons as you can read any book part of a series for the readathons.

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