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Let’s start buddy reading!

A few of you have asked for this or have suggested, throughout 2019 that you’d like to do more buddy reads. Tiffany and myself love buddy reading, and after polling you on that and agreeing with us, we decided to take a leap of faith. However, we get that finding a book that everyone agrees on or wants to read for our monthly read will be very tough, so instead, we decided to settle on group buddy reads.

How will we decide what to read?

We have taken a look at what you all want to read and we will be suggesting buddy reads base on those common books and sequels that are coming out soon. This is one of the reasons why we appreciate you sharing your TBRs with us and updating the spreadsheet. You can also ask for a buddy read or contact another participant directly to start one.

You do not need to be reading that book to discuss it, if you have read the book in question recently, or you have not but remember it very well, just jump into the discussion, the more the merrier!

How do we discuss the book?

Unless you tell us otherwise, we will be opening a thread on our Goodreads group for discussions. But this depends on who’s buddy reading what and how many people are joining in. Some people prefer discussing through private messages, others might use Twitter, or maybe you know the other person and want to talk it with them or send audio messages. We are here for you.

Why not have a single book of the month?

Apart from what we said, that it will be tough to find a book everyone agrees on, we gathered it would be easier for everyone this way. For example, if you cannot get a book in time or you are simply not interested in a particular one, you still have other options for buddy reads! And, as we said, we are taking those suggestions directly from you and your TBRs in hopes you have more opportunities to find the perfect BR for you.

How do I find out about upcoming buddy reads?

Every month, we will be highlighting upcoming Series to Finish book releases and including future and agreed on buddy reads. Apart from that, we have opened a thread on the group where we will add every buddy read that’s coming up.

Buddy reads are lot of fun and make you appreciate what you read even more. Plus, remember that buddy reading gives you extra points!


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