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Points System (get points while reading series)

We have been thinking of ways to make the challenge more fun for everyone, and people have also showed us interest in it, so we want to introduce the Points System. As always, all these things are optional, and you can decide whether you want to join in on them or not.

The main idea is that, every month, you will be collecting points for every book that you read that is part of a series (even if it’s not on your Series TBR). This is not a competition, we do not want to add any pressure to the challenge, so if you want to play against someone, that someone will be yourself. You can compare your results each month to see how you’re doing.

How do I get points?

  • +1 for book completed (they need to be part of a series, even if it’s not on your TBR)
    • +0.5 on manga/comics and novellas (except bind-ups, they get that +1) – more on this below
  • +1 for starting a series
  • +1 for finishing a series
  • +1 for buddy reading

You only get the above points if you have finished the book. However, you can get the following points even if you have not completed the book:

  • +1 point for every 100 pages read (per book, not total)
    • For graphic novels, comics and manga it is 0.5 every 100 pages – more below
Novellas/Graphic Novels/Comics/Manga

Novellas/Short Stories

  • If they are an essential/main read (like Wayward Children), there will be no difference between a book and a novella points-wise
  • However, if they are not  primary works (like Reveal Me), you will get 0.5 points for completing it instead of 1

Graphic Novels/Comics/Manga

  • You get the same amount of points as any book apart from the number of pages:
    • For these, points will be cut in half, so every 100 pages it’s 0.5


Let’s see how I did last month and how many points I would get for those books:

  • +5 for completing five books that were part of a series
  • +1 or starting 1 series: Famous in Love
  • +2 for finishing 2 series: Legend and Famous in Love
  • +2 for buddy reading Chosen and Rebel
  • +3 for Famous in Love (336 pages)
  • +2 for Chosen (261 pages)
  • +3 for Tunnel of Bones (304 pages)
  • +3 for Truly Madly Famously (320 pages)
  • +3 for Rebel (384 pages)
  • +4 for Lord of Shadows (439 pages read)
  • Total points: 28

Notice that I did get my page points for every individual book, not for my total read, so if a book has 299 pages, you’ll only get 2 points, even if you read 30 more pages from a different book.


9 thoughts on “Points System (get points while reading series)

    1. Okay, we’ve both talked because you’re right, and it seems unfair to not give any points for reading a manga volume so you’ll get 0.5 for reading the manga (instead of 1 point) and 0.5 for every 100 pages.
      Basically, a mix between a book and a novella. Is it clear?
      Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention 🙂

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